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Mazon is the family favourite for over 40 years
to relieve dry, itchy and scaly symptoms of
eczema and psoriasis with a proven formula.

What people are
saying about Mazon
Mazon users unite. I used it from 1952-1969. I had skin allergies so bad and Mazon made it feel cool and helped my skin so much. I can still recall the smell. I just placed an order for some, I am so excited to use it again.


My husband has psoriasis; he tried dozens of creams and salves, both prescription and over the counter brands. He asked me to order him more of this as he says it really helps the itching.

Patty K

Works very well for stubborn, itchy Seborrheic Dermatitis. A good replacement for the discontinued Subulex shampoo.

Melanie L

When I was little, I had eczema and my pediatrician recommended Mazon cream. Look it up, it worked for me.

Suzy B